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I make very heavy hard bangers n such n im synced to All genres and dont care about a genre . I make anything if ut doesnt even exsist well here anything exsits. Whatever haooens happens we vibe we vibe evrtything is happens naturally so stop overthinking and what is meant to be , its already there,We just need to shut The fuck up n clear r mind of countkess thoughts and ket whatever hapoens be cuz thats whats meant to be, its who we r naturally n with that system it will all come together easily along with happy mememories that will always bring u back to the moment and u will always remeber that time as haooy , chill good gibes and howbit was so stressfree, its kinda the same concept as to just take in in at the moment letting go,setting yer mind free with no plan in mind , as if your raging at a EDC.

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