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Field Recordings 1

A collection of various field recordings taken for use in a project early 2012.

Recorded with the Zoom H4N
Minor edits made with Logic Pro 9
All sounds recorded in Hatfield, Herts, England

Mid-Side Encoded Recordings
STE-000 Ambience 1.wav
STE-001 Ambience 2.wav
STE-002 Cutlery.wav
STE-002 Pint Glass.wav
STE-003 Rice.wav
STE-003 Shaving Light.wav
STE-004 Bag of Crisps.wav
STE-005 Bag of Peanuts.wav
STE-006 Bag of Cashews.wav
STE-007 Bottle of Sauce.wav
STE-008 Wardrobe.wav
STE-009 Running Tap.wav
STE-010 Small Cardboard Box Hitting Floor.wav
STE-011 Small Cardboard Box.wav

Stereo Recordings
4CH000M Walking Down a Road.wav
4CH001M Building Site.wav
4CH002M Drawers.wav
4CH003M Extraction Fan.wav
4CH004M Extraction Fan.wav
STE-001 Restaurant 1.wav
STE-002 Restaurant 2.wav
STE-003 Arcade 1.wav
STE-004 Arcade 2.wav
STE-005 Ambience 1.wav
STE-007 Ambience 2.wav
STE-008 Crunchy Footsteps.wav

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  • Pack created on: Oct. 17, 2012, 11:35 a.m.
  • Number of sounds: 12
  • Number of downloads: 20

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    12 sounds

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A recording taken outside the Galleria shopping centre.

    12 sounds