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I am a musician and very keen 'audiophile'. I remember those fabulous days when 'Polydor' records (LP 33 and a third rpm vintage) provided such a richly deep quality of sound reproduction on our family 'Fidelity' radiogram. I used to listen intently to Bert Kaempfert and his orchestra, James Last, and Jean Michel Jarre, etc. The sound was simply superb.
I play the cornet and flugel horn in brass bands here in the UK, and attention to detail is paramount. Pitch, articulation, note length, tonal quality, are all observed 'to the letter'. The satisfaction of producing that 'special' performance is paramount in brass bands, and to capture it in audio is like taking the best photo ever. It lasts forever, to be enjoyed by future generations, and hopefully to inspire them to do likewise, or BETTER!
Today we have gone 'digital', but there is now so much more at our disposal. FREESOUND.ORG is a superb initiative which will hopefully encourage many of you out there to graciously and caringly share your sounds with likeminded enthusiasts of great audio. Sight, smell, touch, smell, and HEARING are the five senses of our nervous system. We should be grateful for them all. If we're going to RECORD SOUND, then we should always strive to make the BEST POSSIBLE recordings EVERY TIME.
I look forward to sharing my own work, and listening to some 'equally stunning work' from all of you out there.
Best Wishes, JohnSurround.

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