May 7th, 2019

Created in response to the disquiet Junto 0383 - see below

Whilst considered superior apartments in Sector 7, (they are generously sized for any spaceship in the Megafleet ), they have the one drawback of being next to the cargo deck... nowehere is really silent anymore, not even in space.

All inside AUM (kymatica) on iPhone.
Base is a Mixtikl patch generating very low frequency mechanical noise, some harmonics accentuated mixing original signal with 2 other busses one with hpf one with lpf- each of these 3 tracks has a different reverb size.
Next is a field recording of a very noisy sloped travelator pitched down to 1/8th speed, with a very large reverb, these generate the vast booming sounds and strange occasional squeals and more mechanical hum.
Next another field recording - this one of the inside of a refrigerator, pitched up a little, this is fed into adverb/AUFX space, these are the hissing gurgling noises, a smaller reverb space is used here.
One final field recording, this one of an evacuation alarm test at a local shopping mall.... happens at 08.45 every Wednesday. I am happy when I get to catch this as I make a shortcut through the mall as it opens... sometimes recording as I go!
Next up are two synths (Ripplemaker) auto generating two different speed buzzer/alarm sounds.
The last field recording and two other synths have volume modulated by LFOs running at very low frequencies using a sample and hold waveform, to generate some sense of movement and space.

Disquiet Junto Project 0383: Interstellar Ambience
The Assignment: Record the sound of an apartment on a large interstellar ship.

More on this 383rd weekly Disquiet Junto project — Interstellar Ambience / The Assignment: Record the sound of an apartment in a large interstellar ship — at:


More on the Disquiet Junto at:



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