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Name de guerre, young artist born in Cáceres in 1987, named Paul.
He began his investiture in the world of electronic music influenced from
very early age.
With only 8 years started to take its first steps towards the Spanish guitar and electric musica.La
were the first instruments to pass through his hands.
The music became part of his life and that was that in early 2004 decided to change the guitar
for dishes and other musical style, without forgetting his fidelity musical virtues.
His musical influences are derived from artists like:
Oscar Mulero, Grovskopa, Exium, Reeko, Christian Wunch, Takaaki Itoh, Radial, Go Hiyama among many others.
He has had the opportunity to share the stage with the likes of:

Dj Pepo, Reeko, David Moleon, Fran Acuña, Alfonso Sanchez, Ivan Devero, Elektrikall, J.leyend, J-Al Qantara, Raul Pacheco, Raul Alcocer, Alberto Begg, Ruben Martinez, Dj Keko, among many others.

So acting on different clubs and festivals to this day as:

Mattrix room (Badajoz)
Room Status (Cáceres)
Sala Chacal (Salamanca)
Traspyd room (Valladolid)
New Hall Garden (Valladolid)
Factory Space Board (Burgos)
Street Beat Festival (Toledo)
Shed On (Fairs Caceres)

It is in 2008 is when it is beginning to acquire a big name regional and national level.
In the same year began to be interested in the field of musical production and move into this new world,
combining the work of dj & producer.
The idea and its creations consist of a style with industrial shades and is based on the tastes and trends of
dark style, experimental and forceful, always trying to find a piece of pure style.
In his 7 years dj career has experienced a wide variety of musical styles, sharing varied tastes.
This artist has become a very versatile dj and producer, with trends focusing on the darker side of techno and more forceful in their sets.
And do you currently in and in 2010 became known in the world of production, working with artists and remixing songs by major artists on the world stage.
Paul begins to bear fruit in the musical production, by releasing their own digital and vinyl productions on labels worldwide.
His aka (Viðnám) is called (Resistance) in the Icelandic language with which he intends to create new productions with different musical styles.


1 H. Paul (Old Code) Induxtriall Rec
2 H. Paul (Rapid Ascent) Milligrid Rec
3 H. Paul (Human Horrorist) Concerns Rec
4 H. Paul (Sore Ink) Concerns Rec
5 H. Paul (Hot Blood) Milligrid Rec
6 H. Paul (Hidden Terrorist) Liquitech Rec
7 H. Paul (Nation Saved) Dlm Rec
8 H. Paul (Synthetic Therapy) Dlm Rec
9 H. Paul (Closed Experiment) Liquitech Rec
10 H. Paul (Brain Trasplant) Stosh Rec
11 H. Paul (Musical Storm) Putz Rec
12 H. Paul (Slaughter Altered) Putz Rec
13 H. Paul (Deathtrap) Stir Consciences
14 H. Paul (Hooded) Beat to beat Rec
15 H. Paul (Sick Invisible)
16 H. Paul (Bomb drop from the Sky) Beat to beat Rec
17 H. Paul (Journey to Hell)
18 H. Paul (Industries)
19 H. Paul (Silence for Victims) Putz Rec
20 H. Paul (Stolen Nuclear) Foot Fetish Rec
21 H. Paul (Mental Nerve) Labrynth
22 H. Paul Flying Knives) Induxtriall Rec
23 H. Paul Day of the Dead) Putz Rec
24 H. Paul (Global Crisis)
25 H. Paul (The drug's the inferno) Labrynth
26 H. Paul (Cardiac Arrest)
27 H. Paul (Daily Episode) Armatura Rec
28 H. Paul (Saturated Noise)
29 H. Paul (Flowers) Cannabis Records
30 H. Paul (Alarm) Road Trip Rec
31 H. Paul (Psycological Trauma)
32 H. Paul (Satan)
33 H. Paul (Against Commercial) Armatura Rec
34 H. Paul (Baby 1403) Road Trip Rec
35 H. Paul (Juvenile Crime) Induxtriall Rec
36 H. Paul (Abaddon)


1 Mirco Bop (El Fin) H. Paul Remix
2 Reiko (Soplame el Ojo) H. Paul Remix (Liquitech Rec)
3 Raftek (Black Jack) H. Paul Remix (Putz Rec)
4 Raftek (Southern) H. Paul Remix (Putz Rec)
5 Oris (Stumbled Here In) H. Paul Remix (Corrupt Systems)
6 Alzo (Hyper Active) H. Paul Remix (Dlm Rec)
7 4Th Chapter (Whispers) H. Paul Remix
8 De Oliveira (Easy Listening) H. Paul Remix (Stir Consciences)
9 Thanatos (Embox) H. Paul Remix (Stir Consciences)
10 4Th Chapter (Hole) H. Paul Remix
10 B_Tek (We Fuck) H. Paul Remix
11 Oldiendo (Burn me Alive) H. Paul Remix


1 H. Paul (Deathtrap) Vegim Remix (Stir Consciences)
2 H. Paul (Deathtrap) Tuomas Rantanen Remix (Stir Consciences)
3 H. Paul (Deathtrap) Raftek Remix (Stir Consciences)
4 H. Paul (Deathtrap) Brad Lee Remix (Stir Consciences)
5 H. Paul (Deathtrap) Carara Remix (Stir Consciences)
6 H. Paul (Deathtrap) Reiko Remix (Stir Consciences)
7 H. Paul (Hooded) Tosi Remix (Beat to beat Rec)
8 H. Paul (Journey to hell) Oliver Kucera Remix (T3R Rec)
9 H. Paul (Industries) Ritzi Lee Remix (T3R Rec)
10 H. Paul (Bomb drop from the Sky) Kuniaki Takenaga Remix (Beat to beat Rec)
11 H. Paul (Brain Trasplant) Dimauro Remix (Stosh Rec)
12 H. Paul ((Brain Trasplant) Mynude Remix (Stosh Rec)
13 H. Paul (Synthetic Therapy) Tony Silver Remix (Dlm Rec)
14 H. Paul (Nation Saved) Zair Remix (Dlm Rec)
15 H. Paul (Old Code) 4Th Chapter Remix (Liquitech Rec)
16 H. Paul (Juvenile Crime) Balatro Remix (Induxtriall Rec)
17 H. Paul (Juvenile Crime) Oldiendo Remix (Induxtriall Records)

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