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If Mozart could see how far we have come...

My influences are: Depeche Mode, Square Pusher, Jean Michelle Jarre, Talking headz, Devo, Kraftwerk, and a few others. I like most kinds of music, and I am always trying to incorporate different genres and cultures. I enjoy layering and pushing the auditory envelope!

I have been creating music since my late teens, utilizing an amiga 500, Music X and 16bit samples. That was state of the art then! My grandfather was a musician, and he played harmonicas, the organ, and squeezeboxes. I use to enjoy hearing him when he played . He would be proud of my musical talents, as he passed away before I had the chance to let him hear any of my creations.... R I P.... My first Keyboard was a Realistic (RadioSHack) PCM keyboard with a built in sampler... It wasn't much, but to me, it was only the beginning!

Now that I am the Resident Sound Engineer for the Palace Theater in London, Ontario. I have been creating Sound Designs for various plays and productions.. Loving this creative side of the theater, as I would have never imagined how much potential there was in theater for a Sound Engineer, such as myself... This site is Truly Awesome for just this purpose!

I am also a Sound engineer for various local bands, as I have a complete mobile recording studio...

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