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My name is Charles. I am not SPAM. I do not like SPAM nor do I think green eggs and ham are all that wonderful. I like sounds, music, sound effects, and time travel.

I'm usually terrible with introductions and "About me" information so I guess I'll just start off with what's at the top of my head...I have smooth testicles; really well-shapen symmetrically appealing geometric spheres, and I thank God every day for them. By the way, I didn't mean I had "smooth testicles above my head," in the previous sentence. That would definitely be a most awkward introduction.

Well, aside from geometric perfections, a few misdemeanors and minor infractions, and a chronic need to self-meditate almost on a daily basis and most definitely on weekend retreats, I enjoy music, making music, making love to myself to music, and Jello.

I enjoy reading, linguistics, and lately have been diving literally head first into cunning linguistics research, mostly from a behavioral economics perspective but with confidence that I am officially somewhat of an amateur cunninglinguist. That surely was a mouthful.

I hope to make friends and collaborate with like minded individuals, who aren't too weird or, dare I say, "too way out there." Allow me to take this moment in closing my introduction to say that while I am not gay and certainly have no preconceived notions, biases, or negative opinion of homosexuality, it would be my pleasure and delight to meet other males with geometrically perfect testicles. I think we "Geometrics" are few and far but unlike unicorns, we are not hard to find or as elusive to humans since we have a protracted sense of humor, delightful fashion sense, and a universal love of all things binary, complex, or formulaic.

Have a great day, and even much more wonderful life.

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