January 1st, 2013

This is a female (ghost) voice singing a recurrent melody that "comes from the past"; the soundscape is a basic "horror-style" drone and lets the voice ringing over the haunted atmosphere. The vocal stem is a soprano loop I've found in a friend's hard disk. It's an E major scale melody except for the last note that transforms it into a B major scale ('cause it's a D# note, the major third in a B maj scale; if I'm wrong please tell me!). The drone-pad is a Moog-ish style (bass)pad tuned in E and recorded with Logic's ES1 synth. I've put the synth and the voice into iZotope Iris; I've selected some frequencies and upper harmonics on the resulting spectrogram with the magic pointer (Iris' users know what I mean). Then I've used Iris' tube distortion, chorus, reverb, envelope filter (on the master mix window) and added a little motion playing the pad as a fwd-bkwd drone. Since the file is cut at 17 seconds and the "heavy" fade out starts at 12 seconds, you can convert it into an m4r or mp3 file and use it like an "horror" ringtone. Enjoy!


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