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Hey !
I'm currently working for a studio in Paris called BNS, mostly on cartoons, such as IronMan season 2, TheLittlePrince, Pok&Mok;, Chaplin and a lot others.

That's for the daily work part, outside of that I'm a huge pc player, and some day I'd like to transition into video games sound design.

I'd love to work with modders or other sound designers that work on mods, to get started in this field !
So if that's what you do don't hesitate to send an e-mail with tips or anything like that !

I used to work a lot with max/msp (not so much time now) so I have quite a bank of stuffes done with that, and these days I'm very much enjoying my brand new SoundDevices MixPre --> PCM D50 to record all kinds of stuffes.

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