January 21st, 2014

Okay, about this small bibliothek there is a story to tell.

Maybe a year ago my mother phoned me and asked if I could give her a hand because the door to her kitchen was squeaking.
After work I went to her, went down to the cellar, took the can with the lubricating grease, went upstairs and made my mother happy.
Then I putted the grease back and went upstairs again. Whe sat down, drank a cup of coffee. Then I had to go to the toilet and
noticed that the toilet door was squeaking too. So I went down to the cellar again and took once again the grease.

Now I thought, before I make the stairs again, I'll show if any other thing in my mothers house is squeaking.

It was terrible! I swear, never in my entire life I've been in a house where so many different things were squeaking so impassionated.
First off all I went back to my car and took my cheap dictaphone I use for work. And before I putted grease on those squeaking things I recorded them.


So this are really historic sounds! None of them exist anymore in the real world!


But ... when I heard through them later I was disappointed of the bad sound quality, cutting out higher ond lower frenquencies of the rich spectrum of those "Neeeeiiiks" and "Uiihggs".
During winter holidays I processed them first with the audacity noise reduction - then with other tools.

The result gives an unreal impression of the original sounding, they have now some "synthetic" touch - but makes them probably usable for funny films or comic-like effects.

All the sounds in my "big squeak pack" where recorded in one afternoon and all in my mothers house. The "tension-sounds" for example are nothing else than a junker (tin can? - sorry, my english) moved from one side of a wooden shelf to another, meanwhile my dictaphone was laying in the junker.

I don't ask to credit me - but if you make use of one of these sounds and create SOMETHING FUNNY with them, please let me know ... so I can show it my mother too.

Thank you.


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