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Hi I'm Çağan,

"Dunyanin Sesleri" means "Sounds of the World" in Turkish. I'm an audio specialist from Turkey and this is my free time hobby. I record both nature sounds and unique locations in cities.

On weekends I go camping with my bike and do some field recording.

Turkey offers so much for field recorders. The rural life is very vivid and unique since people rely on both agriculture and husbandry. There are lots of markets, cow diaries, poultry farms and so much variety in cultures and so many minorities, each with their own language, folklore, music and lifestyle.

This geography called Anatolia has been home to so many cultures that it's crazy! The Babylonian Empire, The Persian Empire, Alexander The Great's Empire, Roman Empire, The Byzantium Empire, The Seljuk Empire, The Ottoman Empire etc... And every single one carved its marks on it.

Current Audio Equipment:

Tascam DR-100MK3 recorder (I mostly use 24bit/192Khz)
Audio Technica BP4025 X & Y stereo mic.
Rycote Invision INV-7-HG-Mark III shockmount and softgrip extension handle
Rycote Baby Ball Gag 21mm and bbg furry windscreen.
Sennheiser HD 380 Pro monitoring headphones.

IMPORTANT: To get most out of my audio, please download and then listen to them. Browser playback is lossy and audibly inferior, be warned.

What you can't do with my work:

All my work is licensed under the Attribution Noncommercial License.

1) You cannot use it in any commercial project, including monetized YouTube videos. For non-commercial usage, you need to attribute me and let me know about it.

2) You cannot reupload ANY part of my work to any stock content website, even if you modify it.

R.I.P. Theodosius Kaskamanidis (passed away in age 45) also known as Saki Kaskas, Captain Ginger. Great composer & producer.

DunyaninSesleri's latest sounds

  • Currently /5 Stars.

Recorded while camping in Demirköy village of Kırklareli city in Turkey. To me this flow is very soothing and relaxing. ...

  • Currently /5 Stars.

A propane-butane gas mixture cartgridge is being used to heat some water. Recorded this while camping in Yalikoy/Istanbul. Please feel ...

  • Currently /5 Stars.

The owner gave them some food and all chickens swarmed around it, pushing and pecking each other for more. All ...

  • Currently /5 Stars.

I stood near a high flow river, my X & Y mic was facing the river perpendicular so both channels ...

  • Currently /5 Stars.

Recorded this behind a tree so you hear leaves rustling a bit as the wind rushes. A quick high-pass filter ...

  • Currently /5 Stars.

Recorded in a village from Yalova/Turkey. Set up my mic in the middle of several houses. The reverb I hear ...

  • Currently /5 Stars.

This is Bandırma, a town connected to Balikesir city in Turkey. Recording was done near a small building in which ...

  • Currently /5 Stars.

Stood in a corner somewhere random in Kadıköy and this came out. Please feel free to comment and rate. Recorder: ...

  • Currently /5 Stars.

This is the second floor of Starbucks in Kadiköy rıhtım/İstanbul. There are mostly teens coming & going, talking to their ...

  • Currently /5 Stars.

Recorded in the Bilecik - İnegöl province in Turkey. The trees were near city centre and crows claimed them their ...

  • Currently /5 Stars.

Recorded in the Bursa - Yalova district of Turkey. Just below the sea of Marmara. Not that strong waves. Shotgun ...