January 18th, 2015

Let Union Be in All Our Hearts - sung at the Crook Morris Wassail Day celebrations 2015.

This drinking song is known either by its chorus as Let Union Be in All Our Hearts or by its first line as Come My Lads. It was collected in Wiltshire by Alfred Williams and published in Folk-Songs of the Upper Thames in 1923.

Let Union Be in All Our Hearts

Come my lads, let us be jolly
Drive away dull melancholy,
For to grieve it is a folly
When we're met together.

Chorus (after each verse):
Let union be in all our hearts,
Let all our hearts be joined as one.
We'll end the day as we began,
We'll end it all in pleasure.
Whack-folla-rolla-rye, too-ra-lie-doe (3x)
When we're met together.

Solomon in all his glory
Told each wife a different story,
In our cups we'll sing him glory
When we're met together.

Eating and drinking are quite charming,
Smoking and piping there's no harm in.
All these things we'll delight in
When we're met together.

Grab the bottle as it passes,
Do not fail to fill your glasses.
Water drinkers are dull asses
When we're met together.

Cease your quarreling and fighting,
Evil-speaking and backbiting.
All these things take no delight in
When we're met together.


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