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Hi I'm Çağan,

I'm an audio specialist & videographer from Turkey and this is my free time hobby. I record both nature sounds and unique locations in cities.

I'm a bit purist when it comes to my material. I don't like interference (be it airliners, traffic or any unwanted distractions - basically anything shouldn't really be there-). Because I believe they break the immersion and destroy the emotion that I want to convey. So I edit them out as much as I can. Anything you hear in my audio is probably there because I see it fit.

IMPORTANT: To get most out of my audio, please download and then listen to them. Browser playback is lossy and audibly inferior, be warned.

All my work is licensed under the Attribution Noncommercial License. So no commercial use without my authorization, also please let me know in non-commercial use.

My Instagram:

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