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SofaSongs Studio and Records

Greg and I have been in the music business our whole lives, both starting professionally as teenagers. We began working together in the late eighties and have continued collaborating until about thirteen years ago when we became partners in SofaSongs Studio. We recently had an opportunity to get what seemed like a great deal for distribution, across all the music services from iTunes through Spotify and YouTube. As we were on the verge of signing up, we decided that supporting the system that is killing our business is not the right choice. It takes almost 1500 plays on Spotify to make a dollar. Musicians have always lived in the “gig” society, floating playing, teaching and all the shadows in-between to make a living but, like most in the world now, the deal being offered creators by the streaming services doesn’t reflect the work involved or respect earning a living. So, we are giving our music away now. There is a button that will allow those that want to support us to do so. We are also giving the site a new look with some tribute pages to our now-departed comrades; initially Colin Cameron, Jimmy McGrew and Derek O’Neal with others to follow. The price and privilege of being among the living. I am also going to create an archive of some of the work I have done. We both will still offer CD’s for the few that want them these days, mostly folks who come to shows. New music and news should be coming up a bit more regularly now. We hope to see you here often!

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