April 2nd, 2010

More huge explosions made from 15+ freesound samples.

Update Mar 27, 2013:
As per request, here is a rough attribution list for the sounds in this pack/sound file. All sounds used should be listed, some sounds listed *may not* actually be in the explosion sounds. I did not attribute upon my initial upload of this pack and therefore I do not have an accurate list. I have, however, attempted to be as inclusive as possible with my attribution below:

cannon.round.wav by alienbomb | License: Creative Commons 0
Nuke_.aiff by scarbelly25 | License: Creative Commons 0
Ship damaged explosions sparks.wav by Jace | License: Attribution
waterxplo.wav by inferno | License: Sampling+
LaserRocket2.wav by EcoDTR | License: Creative Commons 0
grenade.wav by ljudman | License: Sampling+
USAT BOMB.wav by sandyrb | License: Attribution
CinematicBoomNorm.wav by HerbertBoland | License: Attribution Noncommercial
big_explosion.wav by smcameron | License: Attribution
boom3.wav by NoiseCollector | License: Attribution
boom4.wav by NoiseCollector | License: Attribution
Explosion 5.wav by jobro | License: Attribution
Explosion 6.wav by jobro | License: Attribution
tro_bassPan.wav by funhouse | License: Attribution
33 distant shot.wav by ERH | License: Attribution
canon2.aif by man | License: Sampling+
rocketexpl.wav by nthompson | License: Sampling+
Pack: scamerons_video_game_sounds by smcameron
canon.aif by man | License: Sampling+
Pack: Explosions 1 by jobro
Pack: EXPLOSIONS by smokum
Pack: Explosions by NoiseCollector
explosions.aif by pauliep83 | License: Sampling+
xplosm.wav by inferno | License: Sampling+
cinematic deep bass rumble.wav by ERH | License: Attribution


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    tagan85 1 year, 11 months ago

    Sounds great until it sounds all 8-bit at the end.

  • avatar
    alarm656 4 years, 7 months ago

    What is .flac? I can't import it into my project

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    .Andre_Onate 9 years, 11 months ago

    really nice explosion ty...

  • avatar
    --DeletedUser-- 10 years, 7 months ago

    yes love it! thank u m8

  • avatar
    Sergeant Kelly 11 years, 8 months ago

    Very well made!


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