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April 26th, 2017

Here are Bill & Jayne in a great afternoon session - sex with the windows OPEN during the day! Bill goes down on Jayne and starts warming her up, then he adds a small dildo to the mix, which gets her going, but not fast enough for Bill! He wants to make her cum so he can climb up and put his large cock into her. So, around 3 minutes in, he stops, reaches over to the nightstand and retrieves the MONSTER DONG. He lubes it up well, and goes back down on Jayne. Then, he slowly inserts it into her and starts fucking her with it. It’s not long before she’s screaming and cumming and squirting all over the place! You’ll hear her getting wetter with each orgasm! Finally, she begs Bill to stop - she wants HIM inside of her! Bill happily obliges, and pounds her with his 7-3/4" x 8" thick cock until they cum together loudly and collapse.


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    Beazus11 1 year, 6 months ago

    Sounds awesome and pleasing :)

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    Clokkers 1 year, 6 months ago

    Very nice, do you two have colds? you sounds ill at the end, i'm worried for your health. Stay toasty you crazy kids

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