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Greetings. An update:
I have upgraded my recorder. I am now in the possession of an Olympus ls-10.

My set-up is thus:
Olympus LS-10
Home-made stereo microphones
DAW - Audacity or Reaper

Previously, all samples were recorded using a Sony mz-r909 minidisc & home-made microphones. Transferred to my PC using Audacity & a Sounblaster 'line in' input. Nothing was added but fade-in/fade-out.

Now that I can use the ls-10 to record higher fidelity (24bit/96khz), I can export to 24bit FLAC. This will be how I will upload samples in future

Comments would be appreciated! Thanks.

Export formats:
I initially began my recording ideas using ogg Vorbis format back in 2007, at the highest export settings. It sounds very good once downloaded, but not so for streaming. I don't know, I just wanted a smaller size than 16bit .Wav, I guess. It was all just an experiment anyway.. :)

So, now that Audacity has released version 1.3 with Flac export, I am now experimenting with 24bit Flac format. Let's see if it makes any difference...

I have created 2 audio samples (Tent_Rain.etc), and exported in various formats to provide test the quality. Formats are:
1)-.Mp3 (320kbps)
2)-.ogg (quality 10)
3)-.wav (16bit PCM)
4)-.Flac (24bit)

Please please please, take a moment to comment on the different formats, and offer your thoughts on quality.

I'm also experimenting with this following cheap setup to record .wav 16bit PCM 44.1khz:

-old Ipod loaded with Rockbox
-XtremeMac Micromemo ipod recording adapter (has a Line-in level switch)
-Battery powered tiny micro pre-amp with 3.5mm ins & outs.

This idea, is a cheap option for me to record portable .wav files. As i'm poor, I use whatever is laying around. I can now record 16bit/44.1khz .wav with the ipod, as opposed to 292kbps ATRAC with just the minidisc. What this will mean to audio quality I am not sure...But it does mean I don't have to do the real-time transfer from the minidisc to my computer now.

You can visit me on Fankyou.

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