March 14th, 2015

A French Canadian man speaks about a Canadian Women in an intense manner because he wanted to show his enthusiasm for her name. The woman inspiring this sample goes by the name of Carey-Anne. In this Sample her first name before the Anne is covered within the wave file.

I LOVE Sophie Sugar 1007436537827637864786276653827% Sophie said that Y is an under utilized letter within the french language. I agreed so I made sure to do my homework before showing how C.A.R.E.Y. is an interesting set of characters to use for this type of vocal display.

The sample is translated to: Chimeras Anticipate Repel Educate Yevrois!

School is important to me and I try and do my best to remember that the only universal language is love wait no lol i mean musique!


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    BalancedEnergy10 2 years, 8 months ago

    Carey-Anne was apparently for years... always into scalloped potatoes apparently... not french fries hmmmm..... - that fact might clear the air as to her needs right now........ yukon gold posts that are golden along with some kitchen access and groceries will restore her kindness and she needs to accept and embrace her desire to eat and then she will develop some sane non violent and non harassment-bully related thoughts!! be nicer Kyarii (Carey) you know i didn't end your softball career! :)

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    BalancedEnergy10 2 years, 8 months ago

    Woman of Interest Full Name:

    Carey-Anne (Kia Soul) Malcolm (Blue Ruby, Dieseltech)
    Former Wife: Daniel Masey Morrison Jr. (Dieseltech)

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    BalancedEnergy10 4 years, 7 months ago

    Don't try and polish soil try and polish Gold! I love gold because Sophie has such beautiful hair with many shades of yellow! ;)

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    BalancedEnergy10 4 years, 7 months ago

    I find the creative side of the human mind is full of potential. Carey Anne has a lot of musical talent and I feel as though she has been able to showcase it to people in a crowd a number of times when I was present. I feel as though Sophie is someone who does appreciate someone who plays an elegant instrument that is known to be ancient. I think if you can read musique and have great timing it's smart to stay focused on learning new pieces. I am stoked for Carey Anne getting a chance to play her heart out for some people from America. New York is well known for luxury and wealth and if Carey does choose to return there I assume many listeners will be able to grasp her technique and sound. I hope to add some Carey Anne performance related samples to Freesound in the future so long as she is patient with my expectations. I will not contribute anything that is not perfected and usable. I find Sophie knows all to well that if you put more and more effort into your collection of Freesound files it gives people a chance to make mixes that are likely to be more perfect sounding.

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    BalancedEnergy10 4 years, 7 months ago

    Sophie has always been a fan of going to exotic locations to learn new life lessons and to teach people things. Sophie is a scholar I believe that Sophie has tryed very hard to show that education is a gift from those with wisdom. While we cannot all agree on what is important it is critical to try and use your mind because you have to recognize that humans are the most intelligent species on the planet. I feel like Dolphins are smart and so are Parrots but they aren't able to do what we do. We can all get caught up in trying to party to feel different emotions but it is important to remember that we were all born sober. Education is sometimes rushed by those who try and communicate it but with patience you can learn to be skilled at hard stuff. I think that we all have different teachers surrounding us which can make some of us feel jaded. I believe that sharing knowledge can lead to happiness, socializing about angry memories is not the key to being a good parent! Parenting is a responsibility that is given unto us once we reach adult maturity!

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