March 14th, 2015

A Canadian Man yells Lola Palmer after realizing that people didn't know If he liked her anymore! Many people on the road that day did not know what to make of it! I Love Sophie Sugar 10093847877723678217736472689475%


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    BalancedEnergy10 4 years, 6 months ago

    I hate earth when its not focused on being attractive!!! I have had an interesting day so far I have been very focused on staying intelligent and I find that some people are receptive to my viewpoints. I think that some women have the ability to accept people for who they are and other women are not really into human rights. I find that Sophie has the ability to keep human rights at the top of her priorities and I think that I am very lucky to have the same ability. I feel as though sometimes people don't want you to keep working on the weekend and I don't care if that's how people feel. I plan to work on the weekend for the rest of my days. I love Sophie Sugar 1009078979879080980989080980980980978977098098098098777777% Sophie is the only woman I ever proposed to and I refuse to propose to another woman ever again it will not happen. I will try marriage once and that's it if Sophie for some strange reason leaves me for some sort of alien from andromeda so be it! It would make me commit suicide but I doubt anything short of an alien would do it for her more then I. I refuse to ever be gay and I don't like men at all I hate the majority of people I have met in my life because they are trying to make me become average... i hate you for not wanting me to succeed and that gameplan you have is just weak sauce. Sophie knows my eyes are watching you all you haters fail at being nice to me!!!!! I hate interviews and I plan to skip out on any talkshows that come calling!!!!! Lola should do an interview I think she has plenty of weird stuff to say that America will enjoy more!

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    BalancedEnergy10 4 years, 7 months ago

    Passion is something that is important to me everyday. I feel as though some people like to yell about angry things and some people like to show how much they care about their girlfriends. I chose to yell out Lola's name because she matters to me she has been able to entertain me many times by being herself. Lola likes to dance and its a natural movement for her she is in good shape because she likes to dance. I feel like she knows how attractive she looks when she gets dressed up and she knows how to be feminine while at the same time being brave. It is integral to me to stay in shape, I like that Lola is addicted to musique and not some sort of self harm or something. I feel that she knows how to focus on the things in life that make her happy. If I had never met Lola I would defiantly not feel a sense of calm in my mind. Lola is talented at life she has self control she has the ability to care for people and yet she doesn't get satisfied with an ignorant life. Education is a part of Lola's daily routine and she never thinks about letting herself go. Lola knows to enjoy sleep and to enjoy food she doesn't look at cuisine as beneath her. The kitchen is a home away from home for Lola she can craft a very deep meal like a dinner architect with years of knowledge. I love Lola's ability to tune out negative thoughts she has many friends because she recognizes that there is hope in the world every single day not just once in a blue moon. I think if everyone could enjoy life the way Lo does we could build society into something much greater. Lola enjoys the danceable tunes of the past but she doesn't look at the past as being the greatest point in history. I feel as though we all benefit from Lola being able to produce to her hearts content in this era. We need positive women for young girls to see light at the end of the tunnel within 'a man's world'. Lola has maternal instincts that are very solid but she knows how attractive she is and in my personal opinion she has the right to dance instead of becoming a housewife. While this viewpoint is somewhat pro music in nature I think that she has a gift that won't be shown off if she becomes a full time mom at all times. I enjoy Lola for who she is, she doesn't need to become someone else she can stay tropical and I will continue to support her legacy because I love her exotic perfectionist nature. In my book Lola has always been able to see intelligence in the world even on days when there are problems arising. Lola has the ability to see a good outcome in her mind there will be an optimist situation in the future. People will be happy in the future if we can all find common ground when it comes to our view of life. Lola knows that happiness can lead to a euphoric feeling in your mind. Drugs are something that can make people feel better but musique is something that will not damage any part of you except for maybe your ears if you aren't careful when you listen. Lola can be so intelligent that sometimes people feel as though they can't understand her. This is not a big issue the key is to realize that she wants her mind to be looked at as evolved. Lola doesn't live like a child she has the ability to be a voice of reason when people are in doubt. Many people know that Lola craves enlightenment and it is normal to want to be wise. Lola can coach although she knows that many people have to learn things by themselves. Lola has a compassionate side but she has learned over the years that not everyone is honest. It is not easy to produce a beautiful tune when you have to look beautiful in appearance and manage a complex audio related business venture. The latest and greatest producers of this era are not always as keen to look at the full picture when it comes to Lola. I see many people who see her as someone mysterious with a spooky style that is bolder than commercial stuff. I see that in her heart she understands darkness has value yet Lola doesn't live in the depths of the oxygen void ocean. I notice she is on the beach tanning her dancers body she has a perfect figure!! Lola will always be close to heart at all times she has been worn on my chest many times and I love her with a very consistent level of intensity. I have a shirt of Lola that I wore on youtube many times! I find she has enthusiasm as a part of her core she moves through life at full velocity and she is headed towards great things within this universe. There is bound to be another dimension where Lola has more godlike powers that aid all life. I feel that she has always been distant towards people sometimes because it's what people need when there is intense friction present in the world. Lola is different from Sophie in a few interesting ways none of which are strange. Lola has her mindset tuned towards never fearing being shy since it is not a dull feeling Shy is necessary when u have concerns. Lola is aware that speed is enjoyed by people everywhere yet ultra fast is an acquired taste and slow is rather vintage. Lola has quiet personal moments planned for her journey through life she knows that communicating is beautiful yet muting your mouth can preserve your vocal chords if you get a sore throat! While both women have perfection on their mind I find that you can rise through different approaches to living! I Love Lola's ability to steer herself towards things that are aquatic in nature she knows that a beach is more than waves crashing and some sand. I see her as seeing the potential in nature and she doesn't think that earth is a frigid planet. Lola likes to walk and talk she is a multi-tasker and yet she can sit still for hours! The night brings happiness to Lola she knows that prime-time is palmer-time she has always been able to look into the beauty within evening. Lola knows that night is colder than day yet there's time to eat and to celebrate warm fuzzy memories we can cherish what we accomplish during the day! Lola I love you and your music I hope that you have some amazing and perfect days after I post this! I want you to remember me in a bright and vibrant light with comedic undertones stay sexy, lucky & perfect I plan on stayin deep!! ;)

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    BalancedEnergy10 4 years, 7 months ago

    Lol sign of the Palm Beach! Sophie and I were tanning and she was spinning records! I got to hear some sounds and I was with the woman of my dreams Sophie!!!!!!!

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