March 12th, 2015

A Canadian man yells passionately the name of his only true love at high altitude for the world below to hear and marvel at!!! I Love Sophie Sugar she is perfect for me in every way and I let the world know whenever I get the chance!!!

The location is off the beaten path and is going to remain a secret so I can enjoy it to the fullest with the woman of my dreams!!!!!

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    evecoe1 9 months, 3 weeks ago

    u just havent posted in awhile fans are worried, is sophie ok, do you still love her, does she love you?

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    evecoe1 9 months, 3 weeks ago

    r u ok?

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    BalancedEnergy10 4 years, 6 months ago

    I am down for people being able to stay sober all day and all night I don't need to drown myself in booze to enjoy Canada!! I want food because people used to realize that food is energy and most alcohol is not energy!!! Remember that word you were taught in school it starts with an 'N'! You know I am talking about the word nutrition!!! I love Sophie 1009078978978909809809808977777908097889789798798%!!! I am drunk on love for my favorite lass in the universe!!

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    BalancedEnergy10 4 years, 6 months ago

    I am at the library today and have been working hard on a number of things that are important to me. I love Sophie 1008978978978978978970980789798798798798798%!! Today I have recorded a number of new samples for Sophie and I hope that she is near her monitors later when she listens because I want the bass in the recordings to be heard to its full potential. I have been going to Surrey a lot lately and I feel as though it is an amazing city with so many interesting buildings. I notice that there are many tall buildings in Surrey and that it is a very different place compared to eastern cities in the lower mainland. I desire for people in Maple Ridge to recognize the potential for new construction with an emphasis on modernity and not retro! I feel as though all the people I meet want things to be huge in scale and most people don't want small buildings because in Canada there is room for architects to go big instead of going home!! Like most people I need there to be inspiration in my home city and I find that sometimes it's just a tad small here when it comes to options. When I think of the night life in Maple Ridge very little comes to mind, you can go to mcdonalds or you can go to seven eleven you might also be able to go to Subway if there isn't a staff shortage. There are about 3 businesses that are open late in this city and so many young people feel like it is depressing in terms of what to do at night. A lot of people have money for food and for drinks and I feel like malls close way too early!!! I don't get how we are supposed to enjoy going to sleep every night sometimes we as humans are night owls and we should be able to roam around and find things to do so we don't end up with cabin fever!!! Socializing is growing in popularity and people are awake at night a lot yet we have no where to gather after about 11 at night. Why do I have to settle for nothing at night? I refuse to think that society wants boring we don't want dull!!! Exciting is better then predicable and we should not let people who are scared of darkness control our sleeping patterns!!! Why can't I go to Save-On at 3am and get my groceries? It's already open they never turn the lights off!! I don't want to live in the past there was just war and communism plus a bunch of bunk technology!!! We are a culture of many different shades we should have the ability to have freedom I don't want martial law ever and It will never happen here I say fight for your right to go out and meet women!!! I would have never met Sophie if it wasn't for the fact that I am brave when it comes to my approach to shopping!! It is not smart to not have graveyard shifts available to more people many humans need to be free of living a conservative life that just makes you feel like everything is set in stone!! We need freedom to be able to have fun it is not fun to have people always telling you to go home at 10PM because it's closing time!!! I want to be able to get dominos at any hour I don't get how some people can't enjoy Pizza at 4AM in the morning!! I want to have the freedom to do things at any hour i do not let television control my view of schedules!!!!! I don't even watch TV and I have moved on from looking at cable as a great source of entertainment!!! I Love Sophie 100879878979878979798798798798% she has energy all day long she doesn't tire of enjoying looking up at the moon instead of the sun!!! If you have good eyesight go out at night sober and look at the potential there is for our culture to do more with 24 hours rather then look at sleep as a problem solver!!! I find that I need clothes at 2AM in the morning sometimes I don't always have a coat on and then it starts to rain and snow which makes me want some warmth via shopping!!! I have money at night and I have money during the day!!! Think of how many people have the ability to enjoy the night every day of the year there are thousands of people who want to go out for a date with their gf at 3AM instead of 8PM. Why can't we enjoy our wives during the eventide? Sometimes women feel sick at 9PM and then once 3AM rolls around they want to go out with their guy friends and they know it's not even worth it when there are only three places open!!! We are too minimal in this city instead of maximal!!! We can be bigger then we realize people take pride in staying competitive and we need to compete for a victory when it comes to the level of excitement in Canada we are not the great white north if we are not exciting to the entire world!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Love Sophie 100897897879879878979879879% she is the most exciting person in the world to me Virgo's are Fire signs she is not a salad!!!!

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    BalancedEnergy10 4 years, 7 months ago

    I honestly have a lot of great and intense memories from being on black diamond runs at the top of Cypress mountain. I think sometimes when you look way out and see the landscape of Canada from a high altitude point you can really get a sense for the scale of BC as long as the weather is nice haha. You can see so many parks, lights, & bridges I love the design of the architecture on the west coast. The many different cities filled with cars driving home and to work makes me feel like there is still so much going on at once. I love to drive to the top of highway path and find an amazing lookout point so that I get the best photo possible. It is not easy to be calm in a city at all times there are days when you drive through east van and all you feel is a sense of chaos. It is defiantly tough in Vancouver it is not a perfect city and I think so many people would benefit from finding a way to live a cleaner life. I love clean it feels good to me I don't find that living with addictions is fulfilling. I find that we all need to feel good and if I am honest working feels better than some people realize. Accomplishing things is how you get rid of guilt related to mistakes. You all know you can change your life and then the impression left by you can be a more amazing one. I think that drugs are not the answer because people are looking for a quick fix. I find that sports are a way out and I don't fear putting my body on the line so that I can live the life of a true entertainer. We all know that life is a show and that smoking or popping things constantly is not the best way to live you are likely not a winner if drugs are everything to you. I feel like having a job is sometimes boring but honestly it's not that exciting to destroy your insides! I love Sophie 100767699786721% and I try and be a leader on and off the court so I can stay being the right man for her. Maintain your skills people and women will recognize that you are an all star!!!!!! Sophie + Jay (L) ;)

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