February 21st, 2015

So one of TAC0's friends came by with a civilian style contact stun gun and TAC0 does what he does best, blasts it a small room for 1/10 of a second.

MP3 48,000 Hz at 256 Kbps

Also commonly and incorrectly referred to as a "Taser" which is on the same level as calling a magazine a "clip". See Google for more info.

I can't help that it sounds like a bee. Also if it's too short, you'll have to make it longer in your DAW.

Uses (apart from videos that involve a stun gun or maybe a real Taser brand Taser): magic lighting zaps? A game show buzzer?

Possible VST modifications

Reverb: Sound impulses for speakers

Distortion (Guitar style): Military style radio noise

Chorus/flange: Science sounding things

Pitch: At -30 semitones you get some low pitched sound similar to a airsoft AEG which may be ideal for montage airsoft videos where piles of Tokyo Marui M4s traditionally muffled by the GoPro waterproof case. // At -45 semitones you resemble gun fire at a distance. Mathematically at 10 RPS (600 RPM) you could use this as a sit in for a distant fired AK-47 rifle ideal for video games, war movies, mods, etc. Apply a resonant filter and some reverb for appropriate outdoor acoustics. And nobody will know your distant machine gun sound was a civilian stun gun except for us semi colon right parenthesis. Or you could also apply ringmod at ~9000 Hz to simulate ear ringing for those PTSD scenes

Trimming + looping + pitch: If you can loop this properly in a DAW you could even create a saw style bass for electronic dance music.


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