July 7th, 2013

Here is a loop I created sometime ago when mocking about with Headcase, a VST amp sim (actually pedals, amp, cabs, rack effects... It has got it all! And you can load and tweak amp presents OR design your own - how cool is that?)
Get the demo here, and if you like it, buy it!

I plugged my Korg Monotron into my laptop sound input - This is a very basic mini-synth. With a sensi-strip that dubs as a keyboard for playing but is only about 2 inch long, if that...
This shows you how small it is

Basically, you can get some cool tones, but there are no envelops for volume or filter, so all you get out of it are really different 'flavours' of beeps. (pretty boring, unless you use effects).
You can also use the knobs for filter and frequency sweeps, etc. But considering how small it is, all you are going to be able to do is hold a note and do a sweep.
You really want to connect this to some effects, which is what I did.

I used Ableton Live's own envelope filter (for wah effect)
Headcase for Amp and Cabinet.
I can't remember where the reverb came from (if it was HEadcase or Live's own).
The drums are a simple pattern playing on Live's built in Drum Machine.
I used some automation for the filter to get the cool wah effects.
Saddly... I did not save the Headcase presets or anything else :(

Pretty cool for a mini-synth the size of a packet of cigarrets, right?


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    AlienXXX 4 years, 4 months ago

    Hello madklown
    Thank you for your comment.

    This is a little loopable mellody. I think it sounds cool. Might be useful for something on its own.
    The short electronic sounds I have been posting are meant for different purposes: for people to create their own electronic rhythm patterns/loops. - This is what I mean:
    Of course, you don't need to just use these sounds on their own, you can also mix accoustic sounds, etc.

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    madklown 4 years, 4 months ago

    the best one yet WHY CUZ ITS NOT A HALF SECOND dont get me wrong all your othe stuff is cool, but u cant do much with halfsecs bits of things even when i stretch it up a bit.. i wish others would figg this out.?? lol keep up the great stuff


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