January 8th, 2013

This is the second iteration which started with jeffcarter's sound recorded to tape at different volumes, and did it again.
Because I am trying to maximize the effects of tape, I took the previous sound I recorded at the highest volume:

This sound was recorded from the computer to cassette with the computer sound output volume at 100% of full volume.
(I discarded the sound at 25% volume as the hiss was building up too much)

This is actually quite a nice one. I believe there is a fair amount of cable noise in there too (the cables to and from the computer and stereo were running close to the laptop powersource).
Also, there is a 'blweeep' sound when the tape started playing. This is actually difficult to get on modern cassette players, because the amp often does not engage until 2 seconds or so after the tape starts playing. So the moment when the cassette starts playing and the tape is tensioned (producing the 'blweep' sound) is missed...

Listen for these at the start of the sample.

The idea is to present several instances of the same sound recorded at different volumes so that the 'tape saturation' effects can be compared.
These samples are intended more as a scientific experiment than to be used for musical purposes - but of course, they can be used as such.

Recording process: Played the sound without downloading, straight from the Freesound preview. Sound was played from a Toshiba Satelite laptop usging the built-in soundcard (Realtek HD Audio) using Windows XP sound drivers.
Recording system: LG LX-U561
Medium: Sony UX C90 HCF (Type I normal bias 90 min). The tape was new (i.e., not used before) although it was bought around 2 years ago.
Playing back system: LG LX-U561
digital recording: direct input from the Hi-Fi stereo headphone socket into the mic socket on the laptop soundcard. Using Audacity as the sample recorder / editor.
Processing: Samples were only trimmed and normalized.


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