March 15th, 2012

Right, so the Kaoss-pad is out of the drawer, out of it's box and with new batteries... and it is desperate for some action.

I took the previous Continuum-1 file from thatjeffcarter:
I loaded it up to Audacity and cut up what I thought were the 'best bits'. i loaded these clips on to Ableton Live into individual clip slots, spred over 3 channels. I configured a 4th channel so that it would take sound input from "ext in" and record it (but not output any sound, i.e., monitoring off).

Finnaly, I plugged the Kaoss Pad input to my laptop soundcard output and the Kaoss Pad outpur back into the soundcard input. I connected headphones to the Kaoss Pad so I could monitor what I was doing.

Then it was a matter of triggering clips in an almost random way, giving the Kaoss Pad selector button a twist and applying an effect for a bit while fiddling with the XY pad. Then switch to a different effect... and so on.
Mostly I applied filters, granular and looping effects.
I recorded 2 clips in this random way.

Then I took those clips and combined portions of each clip to produce the sample I uploaded to Freesound.


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    Puniho 7 years, 7 months ago

    Sounds like a visit to the dentist... with that stupid suction thing in your mouth..! A space dentist perhaps...


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