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Still have some recordings to upload to Freesound, yet for the last couple of days I found myself doing what I most seem to enjoy in sound creation: generating sounds inside my laptop via really crazzy signal chains in Ableton Live.

This time I am playing with feedback loops containing audio-to-midi conversion.
The idea is simple: start with a sound, use a VST plugin that is able to convert sound (pitch) to midi, use that midi (notes) data to generate more sounds, and feedback those sounds to the audio-to-midi VST :-) ...
In the process, either the feedback audio, the midi date or both are somehow transformed, so that the information fed back is different from the initial information.
It is possible, with the right signal chains and loops, to create 'automated' quasi-melodies.Two points to mention about these audio-to-midi loops:
1) one of the things that makes them interesting is that the audio-to-midi conversion is far from perfect. In particular it only has a chance to work properly with monophonic sounds.
2) The audio-to-midi conversion introduces a slight delay (latency), so it is frequent that, at each iteraction notes become shorter until the sequence eventually stops. But not always...
This can be very sensitive to certain parameters in the synths and effects included in the signal loop. A miniscule change to a parameter can turn a 3 min sequence into a single bleep, or vice-versa.

Software and plugins used:
Host: Ableton Live
audio-to-midi conversion: GuitarsynSE by Frettedsynth
main synth: Explor3r Extended by TheLowerRhythm (TLR)
Ableton Live built-in midi effects: Pitch, Scale and Arpegiator

Sometimes I disabled the sound output of GuitarsynSE (as it tended to produce 'gargling' sounds, espcially at the transients, when it was being fed the noisy and dirty output of the Explor3r synth).
I used the Explor3r synth because it can produce very dirty sounds and, using its own internal modulation, can sometimes produce some pretty chaotic sounds. Dirty sounds and great timbral variation on the same note are a recipie for bad audio-to-midi translation (which is an advantage here). Sometimes I also used the Explor3r in polyphonic mode.

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