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Date of birth


relevant education

1 yr of folkehøgskole (sort of a course school you live on thats below university and below high school in siginificance (and amount of work) sort of but you get educational points for taking the year there but you get no grades. Specialized in sound for studio and stage .

graduated 2 yr sound engineer school in Norway
second year specializing in A/V (audiovideo)
(movie and tv sound)


Other info of relevancy

Makes a sort of Dark ambient music/landscapes
with "no obvious beats" and mostly themed on
unreal subjects or subjects of mental distress.
has not released anything yet but want to build up enough music made over a period of time to make the pieces more different than each other by
moods and thoughts and knowledge

Works as

Sound editor for tv and movies

mentioned by name in IMDB and has his own page there with list of work

Will add some elements of my dark ambience on the site when i can .
drones and horror elements .
foley and sound effects made in foley stages and such.
atmospheres recorded professionally with accordingly equipment.

Abyssium's latest sounds

Abyssium has not uploaded any sounds...