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My home page to the wildly popular site is strictly
for fun, NOT for profit.

I am in and from N.C. in the USA. Most of these
sounds are and were made solely with the use of
the Audacity program. Although this program is
free and lacks the options other programs have,
I have a very fast PC with a lot of memory. Audacity
software is free, so to speak, meaning the user
does not have to purchase it. Yet Audacity like
My home page to the wildly popular site is strictly
for fun, NOT for profit.

Freesound is developed by volunteers and techies
who donate their time and their brains. The ability
to write programming language for HTTP is a valuable
asset, one I lack. I thought of donating coffee and/or
beer, but, alas there were and still are so many
project volunteers spread out all over the globe.
Money is good, and I should share what I have.

The Audacity is another creation that needs attention.
I use it to create strange sounds and is a Windows
platform in my case. The many uses are only limited by
the skill and reasoning of the user. The platform
does not come with E-Z instructions and niceties
of the graphical nature. Yet it does what it does well.

Fortunately for most of us, FSP is easy to use
and the site developers did a great job on the
new site. I use sounds from other sources that are always
in the public domain. However, most of those samples
are poor in comparison to the samples I find here.

Back again as an updated member. Also have active
downloads available, as former alias and that is


Thanks for checking out the noise.....


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