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    +++ When Sounds Meet - Just As People: s(o)undpaintings +++

    Hi Freesounders,

    Remember your sounds turning around in the FreesoundMusic YouTube channel @
    Now it's time for the next round, the s(o)undpaintings series. Unlike the former projects and, this is an ongoing project that started last month (end of November 2010) and will continue with more and more sound movies "painted" by a kind of sound palette (four freesound windows including colored sound tags which can be stroken interactively). This is how it works:

    1. Use the following link to get the list of all s(o)undpaintings:

    2. You can narrow the search by adding a project code, for example You can replace the three letter project code "BRB" by:

    3. The movie is a recording of the computer screen. So you can see where the sound palette is opened from, how it is played, and - of course - who contributed to the s(o)undpainting sounds! Browse this attribution list to know if there is a chance that your sound(s) appear in a s(o)undpainting.

    4. As shown in each movie, you can open the sound palette by yourself (requires Shockwave player) and create your own s(o)undpainting - why not to upload it to YouTube as well (try to use the same naming convention)? As you can find already multiple movies for one palette it will be very interesting to see what kind of actions you would paint: Simply make the best version!

    By the way, all the pre-mixed palette sounds are available in Freesound as well. If you click the upper right i-button of a sound window you will get directly to it. And if you will be able to use a touchscreen computer - this will be even better to feel acting on a real palette!

    Have fun!


    BTW, what you think about these s(o)undpaintings or Freesound Music presenting a style of flexible grooves? Does this run to your opinion? See what others think @

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