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    +++ When Sounds Meet - Just As People +++ (2)

    Hello Freesounders!

    Some of you may remember my latest post on how I try to attribute your work:

    1. Open YouTube []
    2. Type your Freesound ID and then (after a blank) the name "freesoundmusic"
    3. You will get a list of all videos where your sounds are appearing
    4. Leave your comments!

    Since there are new videos now, check back! (At the end of this post you will find a list of all Freesounders that participated in the latest projects.)

    The biggest news is a new kind of sound trips (RedP(o)int Sound Tours) that the audience undertakes with the help of laser pens:

    A) Freesound mixes are shown in a graphic display.
    B) People point together to sound landmarks to get the sounds played.
    C) The result is a unique sound mix that is never repeated again.

    Have a look how it works:
    Want to know more? Go to our Freesound Music community:
    Tell me what you think about the music itself, the "flexible grooves":

    Here is the list of all of you being a part of the latest actions (that included also workshops, etc.). THANK YOU ALL!

    aikighost, "Al Magnifico", "Andrew Duke", "chris m", Connum, Corsica_S, CosmicD, CyberiaLainKittyKat, "DJ Chronos", dobroide, ERH, FannyLH, Freed, FreqMan, Guitarz1970, h.quinius, hanstimm, hello_flowers, HerbertBoland, "Ironi Alef", jesges, jobro, "John Rayson", Jovica, juju_beats, kotatsu, lancelottjones, LincolnLog, LS, mattbronka, mchladil, metamorphmuses, milo, NoiseCollector, Notofficial, Nurykabe, pera, plagasul, rezk, room, sandyrb, Schulze, sonicepiphany, suonho, thanvannispen, "van B", wakeproject, walkerbelm, yewbic, zuben


    Freed +++ where sounds meet - just as people +++
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    awesome smile

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    Cool, I found one that uses mine smile Will comment.

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