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    First song posted here - tech robot tech dance

    This is a remake version of one of my song sample from taken from harri
    100_most_common_english_words_vocoded pack

    Everything was sequence in FL-Studio using only the sampler and direct wave.

    The fx use where
    4 LFX-1310 - preset - metalizer
    3 BJ-lofi
    1 pitchslap
    1 shattershot lite
    2 madshifta
    2 fillter

    The genre that i make is noise and glitch music.

    Well hope you enjoy this unique sound that i have created.

    noise is the foundation of all sound
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    I may not like certain types of music, but i will still listen, inorder to broaden my likes, dislikes or just so i understand what it is like. This song you have created i am unsure about. There are two (what i would class as) 'drop-outs' at the beginning of the song (00.03.91 - 00.20.75 and 00.27.77 - 00.34.34) where the riff is not presant. In my opinion these seem too 'lost' and to me have no sence of time or direction. Also i find that after 2 minutes or so i start to get 'bored', i was tempted to close, but i listened the full way through. i personally like songs with difference or excitement to keep me interested, if it is especially a tech robot tech dance, people (well i do) need a beat of somesort, whether its from a double bass or a guitar palm-mute. apart from that i like it. Its good and its diffrent to normal tech dance tunes.

    Thats my view. Take it, leave it, do what you want with it, just don't abuse me for it. smile

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    I agree with him. It does need some sort of beat. There was also some high-pitched background sounds that hurt my ears after a was almost annoying....but a good job.

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