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    16 minute CGI film made with freesound


    thanks to everyone who makes this such a great database of sounds. I used literally hundreds of clips from here for this film and I think I've got all of you in the credits... please let me know if there are any errors

    keep up the good work

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    Thank-you joshwedlake1,great work! It was a real pleasure to watch this short film.Superb imagery and animation,well edited and narrated and the excellent use of so many different freesounds demonstrates so well what a fantastic resource we have here.Only pity was i lost the narrators voice briefly a few times under the soundtrack.
    I happen to bicycle a lot and the well-observed reflections on cycling are familiar and sweet. smile

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    I really enjoyed that. Its not going to win any Oscars but you are a natural storyteller and the approach to the telling was great. This is an excellent documentary. I had never thought of this type of use for animation and the mix of cgi and real images was excellent. If I may, the only criticism I have is that in my view, the duration of the numerous black/blank screens was a little long. It actually left me wondering if there was a problem with Vimeo or the video.

    I also agree with juskiddink, the narration was lost to the background on rare occassions, particularly with the classical music portion.



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