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    Steam-tock was composed as a challenge to myself in attempt to create a working ticking Steampunk driven track. This could also be narrowed down to clockpunk, though I used so much steam to power this piece, it could certainly be both.

    Uses samples from:
    modulated_radio_st... by Incarnadine
    Grandfather Clock ... by digifishmusic
    F2. Ship Bell-2 Oc... by hammerklavier
    1243_pressure_cook... by reinsamba
    Giant breathing 12... by Satoration
    Giant breathing 1.... by Satoration
    Blanche Steam Whi... by Benboncan
    Hand Powered Pill... by Benboncan
    Broken Train.wav by KorgMS2000B
    Violinfx3.wav by bennstir
    z (meow + string s... by esformouse
    bass hit robot clo... by Christianjinnyzoe
    6505 granulated.wav by AlienXXX
    41_STEAM.wav by ReWired
    Steam Whistle.mp3 by Bidone
    Violin down.wav by bennstir
    airlock_1_3_sec_ma... by beerbelly38
    steam.wav by Nummer39
    hydraul1.wav by swelk
    robo.wav by Sergenious
    windpump.wav by earthVERSES
    clock-winding-01.wav by mikaelfernstrom
    Old telephone2.wav by juskiddink

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    i thought this was pretty cool. well done.

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    ......again so well mixed,I like your stuff!!!!

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    fun / interesting / thick / well done! grin

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    Inspirational, nice one.

    "I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by." Douglas Adams
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    ha! i learned something on this one. steam punk ... a new one on this old geezer. guess i should get out of my comfort zone more often. I enjoyed listening and learning! you did a good job on steam-tock.

    sanus_excipio aka Steve Bayer Cincinnati, Ohio

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