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    New Honda Spot

    If you haven’t seen this, check it out.

    After it loads, click on “Watch”. Check the making of, too.

    Shut up, and listen...
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    this got posted around work ( ) the other day and I'm quite impressed. Immediately sent it to my dad who's singing in a semi-pro choir. Very nice stuff!

    - bram

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    Pretty interesting videos, indeed.

    I remember Bjork's album 'medulla'.
    It's also made of human voices.

    Other than that, I was attracted to the car.
    Mine is previous Brit Honda Civic.
    New one looks nice.... Oh, forget it.

    Sound counts.
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    That is incredible. Whoever does advertising for Honda in the UK is brilliant--this, just when I thought no one could ever follow up on that Rube Goldberg ad...

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