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    What do you think about "flexible grooves"?

    Hi all of Freesound makers and users,

    Maybe some of you remember my latest post at this forum where I introduced my "Breakin' Bars" and "I Ching" projects which are completely made of Freesounds.

    I these projects, I used a lot of loops, but I used them in a quite different and more open way, breaking them into a large range of rhythmical variations.

    I would be interested to know if you feel - when listening to this music - that this sounds interesting to you, or if you think it makes less sense (see poll questions).

    To give you a bit of background for this kind of musical design, you may also read the below statement about "Freesound Music" that I'm using to introduce Freesound Music performances to the public:

    +++ when sounds meet - just as people +++
    Freesound Music happens when sounds meet - just as people. People give each sound its own personality. It holds their experiences, love, understandings and learnings, and many other feelings and impressions. When sounds meet, all those people’s minds mash-up in a fireworks of a new musical adventure.

    So what is so special about Freesound Music? First of all, Freesound is a long-standing label for a large community of sound creators that freely share their sounds under a Creative Commons license. All sounds of Freesound Music are generated by this creative community. Secondly, the sounds meet in a free fashion based on “non-scheduled” grooves.

    Scheduled sound meetings are usually organized by 4/4 bar grooves. These meetings are great, well-known, and very, very effective. However, to allow a broader range of sound experiences to meet, other groove methods seem more suitable, with roots in ancient Indian music, Flamenco, 20th century music, and many other sources.

    With a flexible, non-scheduled groove, well-known “Band” sounds that, for example, originate from drum instruments can now meet with quite experimental “Bend” sounds that may form a harsh melody, accompanied by a very soft and melancholic spectral sound, drifting a bit crazy while meeting some light sound sparkles on its way - or any other way around.

    To experience this new freedom of sound meetings, passionate listeners and music makers are required to meet each other as well! What about a Freesound Music meeting at (,,,,

    Thanks a lot for taking your time! grin

    Freed +++ when sounds meet - just as poeple +++
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    i love it !!! very soothing

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