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    The Library - short animated film with significant audio contribution from Freesound

    This started as an exploration of an idea described by Jorge Luis Borges in his short story, "The Library of Babel". From the description of the video:

    Somewhere along it's seemingly endless expanse of shelves
    They say there exists
    Every book that has ever been written,
    Every book that will ever be written,
    Every book that could ever be written,
    Plus every other book besides.

    I was in the process of leaving a note on each contributors page when my comments were rejected for being spam. I was pasting a standard note saying thanks for the recording and showed the above link so they could check it out. The message said I should contact the admins but I've failed to find any way of doing that. I'd like to acknowledge their contributions so if someone could point me to where I might plead my case I'd be grateful. As an observation, I think the algorithm that kicked in here is more a bug than a feature and may contribute to a lot of lost feedback.

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    Hi there. Thanks for sharing.

    By the way, for future reference you can get in contact with us via our support form, link found at the bottom of the help page...

    If you had gotten in contact, I would have actually said that the way to bypass the spam filter in this scenario would be to make a post in the forum "your work made with freesounds", which you have done. smile Then if you send messages or make comments on sounds and link back using a URL then the spam filter should ignore it.

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