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    Generating "music" file from Picture/waveform

    Hello All

    This is a bit different - I want to use a cheap and easily available MP3 player as a waveform generator.

    The idea being, I want to get waveform/pictures (may be Jpegs) of heart rhythms, convert them to MP3 files - looping them to make the "song" longer - say 3 or 5 minutes , then play them on a MP3 player, I can easily convert the headphone output of the MP3 player to an appropriate amplitude (voltage) for what I need.

    In this scenario - ECG's rhythms are well within the audio spectrum and even slower - think the whole rhythm at 60 beats per minute.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction on how to convert waveform/pictures to MP3 files - please make it easy - I'm not a programmers arm pit!!!

    Many thanks.


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