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    THE COBALT MIGRATION, lots of FreeSound and THANKS! *more than 3-hours SyFy, (link)

    I love FreeSound- lots of your sounds and tracks, link here:

    THE COBALT MIGRATION, three hours of Dum Dum SyFy, 461,000 Views in 2018; now on Chapter 42, an epic tale shows 150 years of a secret space program, designed to place Earth's first off-world settlers on Mars and other worlds.

    Also enjoy THE MEEK EARTH KID'S BOOKS, and ONE BILLION HEART BEATS, on Page3Features. I use FreeSound frequently, self-ish me. not much giving back. Your tracks also featured on CORRUPTISSIMA, 60-min low-budget crime drama (same pages), and the GUN ZERO SyFy promotions. All at the Page3Features pages for Facebook.

    FreeSound is fantastic for small budget films-video! My thanks to all and peace. Jp Vallejo CA Sept. 10 2019 cid bixi mimim. Feel free to contact me at

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