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    Animation Short: "Escape"

    "Escape" : A short 3D animation video made with Blender 3D.
    You can see it in my web ( or in HD720 in Vimeo (

    I used (and credited):
    - RushingStream by acclivity
    - Footsteps_in_water by Krisboruff
    - Children Playing by adam_danz
    - tic_tac_2_sec by fonogeno
    Thanks to all of them !

    I've made it during February-March 2008. The original idea was from 2006, but until now I haven't had the time to do it. It tries to symbolize our journey through life, from our previous death (before being born) to the final death (maybe to begin again).
    It's my first animation short, so it's been an opportunity to learn the techniques, hopefully for future works!
    I've made some Python code to generate the shaking of the camera and the torch. I've also used the composition nodes (vector/motion blur, gamma correction, RGB curves, light blurring).
    Render at 720p took around 50 hours. I've used Audacity for audio editing and Premiere Elements for the final composition.

    Kien truc Tay Ho
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    Awesome work! Loved the camera movement!

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    Really cool video
    Like the mood & style.

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