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    The Button Path

    Hi all,

    Mitch Perkins here. I want to thank all the wonderful up-loaders here at freesound for your excellent work and generosity in sharing it. Inspired by Twin Peaks SE03, I decided to make a no-budget Youtube series, The Button Path, using only family and friends. I began by shooting whatever ideas I had and eventually my writing partner and I were able to develop an overview from these scenes. It's been a total blast.

    The series is scored almost exclusively with freesound files. Sound efx, pads, rises...this site has been a goldmine. I always chose Creative Commons licence 0, because crediting every file individually would have required a book. However I invite anyone who wishes to ID their contribution[s] in the comments to do so. That would be cool. Also if I have neglected due diligence in any way please let me know.

    [edit] I in fact did neglect due diligence in failing to thank the mods here for the time they put into this site. Thank you mods! I donated last year and plan to do the same again this year.

    Here are links to EP01 and 02. Apart from my hope that you enjoy it, it might be fun to "hunt" for your stuff. Cheers and again thank you so much!

    EP01 -

    EP02 -

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