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    Your sound files on THE COBALT MIGRATION - on Facebook, thanks FreeSound!!

    Thanks and happy sounds and noises to the amazing audio artists on FreeSound. I've been making video shorts and longer films with FreeSound files for several years, as an award-winning author, film-maker, musician. More than three hours of THE COBALT MIGRATION, a new weekly SyFy series on Facebook, see links:

    All Ten Chapters on Youtube here:

    THE COBALT MIGRATION is the third in a triad of three full-length SyFy novels, from myself with co-author Tom Luong. Please enjoy all ten chapters, and share far-and-wide. 28.5K views last week!

    FreeSound is hands-down the best source for Foley tracks and amazing audio, I only wish I could support FreeSound with real $. I am using FreeSound tracks for THE COBALT MIGRATION on each 10-20 min chapter, video-edit with clips and stills from Pixabay; I would guess in the first ten chapters, I have used 200 FreeSound files. If yours is one of them, THANKS!

    cid bixi mimim
    jp, vallejo california
    aug 16 2018

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