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    Yeli Orog - a FMV adventure game made with

    Recently I released a fully FMV (full motion video) game called Yeli Orog. Almost every sound used in the game comes from (about 90 different sounds). Yeli Orog was filmed in Asturias, Spain.

    About the game:
    "Yeli Orog is a FMV adventure game about an immense archaeological discovery: A bizarre stone tablet written in the Celtiberian language found buried underneath an ancient dolmen in northern Spain. The inscription written on the tablet tells a ghoulish tale believed to be the Celtiberian origin myth.

    You play the role of Johnny Robin, an archaeologist sent to Asturias, Spain to assist in the recovery of Celtiberian remains. Upon arrival to Asturias you find yourself unexpectedly transported to an alien world, experiencing first-hand the terrifying story written on the ancient tablet."

    Here is the Steam page: page:

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