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    The Pilgrims Way Instrumental

    I recently discovered freesound whilst searching for the sound of seagulls to add as an Fx to my
    latest instrumental called The Pilgrims Way. Based around the Pilgrims Way path from the mainland of the UK to the tidal Lindisfarne island.

    The Pilgrims Way Instrumental features Low Whistle, coupled with the sound of strings and the wheeling of seagulls overhead. It also features Shevvanai Voice of the Elves VST. (Lara Ausensi)

    Thanks to juskiddink for the seagulls sample. It adds an extra layer to the track. smile
    Attribution on SoundCloud (see link above)

    Ever since 635, when King Oswald gave the Holy Island of Lindisfarne to St Aidan to establish his monastery, the island has been a place of pilgrimage. The road was not constructed until 1954 and until then the vertical poles were the only indicators of the safe route between the mainland and island. The sight of the poles stretching across the sand and mud is one of the most iconic views in Northumberland and to walk the route away from the road and follow in the footsteps of our medieval ancestors is a wonderful experience.

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