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    Square Craze - android game


    just wanted to let you all know about a game project that I have recently collaborated in as a sound designer.
    The game is called Square Craze and was developed by Mario Markov (martielaino @ Freesound)

    Here is the link to the game. Check it out!;=en

    Although the sounds featured in the game are not actually from Freesound, I think it makes sense to post here as the developer made a sound request in these forums, to which I responded to.
    This highlights the importance of Freesound not just as a source for sounds, but as a forum for contact between 'sound requestors' and 'sound providers'.
    Link to the original request in the forum:

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    This is fantastic. Great work buddy!

    I once had a sound design job come from freesound. A user contacted me because he wanted to use some sounds of mine, then he asked if I would design bespoke SFX for him. We are still in contact to this day, although I can't give you a link to the game because it was never released. Was hella fun to design for though.

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    Awesome game, I love it!

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    Square Craze is a great Android game, I played it with my friend, similarly we know at Gamestoremobi website there are good mod apk games, you can download it for free

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