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    "Shoreline Peace Find"-what do you think?

    Hi everyone, hope you're well!

    I would like to share my latest piece with you, which is an instrumental/soundscape that I recorded and produced at home using a freesound too! The track was my response to the word 'Peace' on SoundShoots and is a calming, minimal guitar-lead track.

    Description: My immediate response to the word 'Peace' took me to a scene in my head whereby I was sitting by an ocean shoreline at night next to a camp fire and soaking up the peacefulness of that place. To captivate this in sound I went for quite a "stripped back" arrangement using the auto filter and ping pong delay modulation to get the repeating guitar section down. The track also includes an improvised slide guitar section and my own recorded 'shhhh' sound. The camp fire sounds are from freesounder glaneur de sons.

    Depending on the feedback to the track I may expand/collaborate with it in the future, but for the moment it just has it's feet up resting...

    I hope you enjoy the track, which you can listen to at and if you have any comments or feedback please feel free to share your thoughts with me.


    Oliver Squirrell-Curator and project manager of SoundShoots

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