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    The Chamäleon Suite

    Hello everybody!

    I’d like to present you my latest project, something that was different and funny alltogether: The Chamäleon Suite.

    Gerald Hartwig is an Austrian artist that spend his youth in Los Angeles trying to make it big in the film business. He didn’t make it. Years after, when his father died, he started recollecting about those years in the USA and started writing his first graphic novel about those times: the result is Chamäleon (Luftschacht Verlag, 2013).

    Gerald approached me to make a concert for the release party of the book in Berlin. We started talking and I realized it didn’t make any sense to throw my songs on top of his book, this story being especially honest and sincere. So I decided to create a set of pieces based on his book, using as much sound of the LA Area as I could, painting with them his own memories. The amount of sounds used is huge and I can not list eeach one of them, but my gratitude goes to and its community, that helped a lot in collecting all kinds of sounds. At the end of the post you’ll find a list of users whose sounds appear through the Chamäleon Suite.

    I spent a week reading the book, choosing what for me were the most important moments and collecting the sounds I thought were necessary for creating this music. Another more week of composing and recording went by, and on the 21st of June of 2013 we managed to put a show together where the music and his reading of the novel came to be a whole entity.

    The Chamäleon Suite uses sounds form the community by:

    folkart-films, thetunk, pacmangamer, oroborosnz, urupin, lorenzosu, unclesigmund, john129pats, itsmrjack, csargent9, benboncan, mikaelfernstrom, digifishmusic, turtlegl, petejd13, noisecollector, daboy291, gmni, lamat, djgriffin, dobroide, oriu, volivieri, kellieskitchen, bitsmart, still-frames, genelythgow, ecfike, husky70, robinhood76, yzhamua, safadancer, trydcast, abelmadrona, zabuhailo, viertelnachvier, eddy15, shinshi, KWC Broadcasting Services, soundplusdesign, gadzooks, analog-bleep-ten, soundbyter-com, engreitz, admnaismith, pushkin, thatjeffcarter, stomachache, ultradust, hdm2013, uwesoundboiz, ermine, saturnvandel, Imbubec, acutescream.

    Thanks to all of you guys!!

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