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    A huge THANK YOU!!!...and a little help if you'd like

    Hello everyone!

    Just wanted to take a moment and Thank everyone on this site...its truly a bad ass site! I recently finished a documentary I created after over a year of work and I used this site for a majority of the sound effects. I didn't see that you had a rule change about HOW to list people in the credits so I am needing to remake my credits and want to personally list everyone who contributed! I'm not sure if this will ever be aired by a network but I do have some looking at my footage and the responses have been really good. I had access to literally dozens of sites used in Hollywood for sound effects and while most of them were pay sites they really didn't have what I was looking for. Then I found you guys and DAM! everything in one place and lots of friendly peeps! I am going to remake the credits but im really busy with life(got a family)and its going to take a while to find out everyones name by looking it up. I guess what im asking for is a lil help. If you hear a sound you made in the previews im about to post please leave the name of the sound and how you would like to be listed in the credits. This documentary is the first of many and if it ever goes big, I want you there too! After all, my documentary would be pretty dam boring without no sound effects grin
    Its a documentary I made about paranormal investigations and how to capture actual visual footage of ghosts. Please let me know what you think, who I need to give credit to, and most importantly, see your work come to life smile Thank you all!!!!

    preview 1:
    preview 2:
    preview 3:


    EDIT: I didn't notice until after I posted this that every sound and author is listed on my homepage so I don't need any help after all. still enjoy the previews and let me know what you think. Thanks again!

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