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    AfterWars Online Shooter Game maker

    AfterWars Beta

    A online shooter where players have to kill each other in 5 different game modes. There are more than 10 different weapons which can be unlocked as the player progresses. The game is set in 6 different maps from a cold Russian fortress to the warm Omaha Beach.

    I made this game using Game maker 8.1 standard edition. The size of the game is 15.5 MB.


    For the people that want to see the game first, here is a link to the video
    Basic Controls

    Walking : A,S,D,W
    View : Mouse
    Running : Shift
    Pickup : F-key
    Use : E-key
    Full screen : F4-key

    Combat Controls

    Shooting : Left mouse button
    zooming : Right mouse button (sniper only)
    Reload : R-key
    Grenade : G-key
    Smoke-Grenade : Q-key
    Stab (knife) : V-ky
    Switch weapons : 1,2


    You can download the game at my site uniqc.
    Here is a direct download link.


    My website
    Game maker community
    Dutch game maker forums
    Blackhawk : 39DLL tutorial
    Maarten Baert : SAT collision system en raycasting
    TimVN : Came with the idea to host the server list through a website


    [0.90 Open Beta]
    - 6 maps
    - 11 guns

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