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    Freesound Music for students

    It’s the second time that I conducted a Freesound (music) course at a public school and I’m glad to share this experience with you which culminated in a nice concert last Thursday.

    10 compositions which are made solely of sounds taken from THE FREESOUND PROJECT have been presented to the public at the Concert Hall of the Ironi Alef public school, Tel Aviv. The pieces have been created by students of the course called “Music Alchemy” that took place in Spring this year at the same school.

    The aim of the course was to open each student’s mind how sound material can look like and how it can be combined beyond the usual classical or pop music experiences. Together with this approach, common material was understood and integrated as well under a new conceptual view.

    THE FREESOUND PROJECT was the solely source of material used and more than sufficiently covering the required diversity of sound and music material made available to the students.

    A predecing course “The Sound Surf Project” was held at the same school a year earlier with the aim to create new sounds and contribute them to THE FREESOUND PROJECT. You can search them by the “Ironi Alef” user keyword.

    I was pleased to see that along with the vast offer all of you posted at this site, also Ironi Alef sounds have been chosen by the students of the latter course, just “by chance”, which brought both of the learning experiences – bottom up and top down – into a nice complementary result.

    All pieces are documented together with the course materials on the students online group and are currently availble for listening from the music list at (go down to the "Music" section). A video recording of the introduction into the concept is currently available only in German (held at the Institute for Computer Music and Electronic Media in Essen this month):

    and Hebrew (taken from the above concert, together with two short snippets to show a bit about the concert athmosphere). or

    An English recording will hopefully follow soon. However, further English resources are accessible through the site, and last but not least, you may also contact me directly through THE FREESOUND PROJECT should you have more questions.

    By the way, the course was a pilot and lasted just for about 13 lessons (45 minutes each). I found it amazing what the students have been able to do in such a short time.

    Thanks again to all of you for your contributions (credits are presented at the end of the intro).


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    It is amazing what you have achieved using Freesounds, well done and thanks a lot!

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