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    'Joyful Beings'-what do you think?

    Hi everyone. This is my latest 90 second track for SoundShoots under my musical alias Filthy Temples and is my second attempt at using on Ableton. The track has been made in response to SoundShoots' 'Hedonism' theme and attempts to communicate the thought that all human beings are always in pursuit of joyful sensations. The track is comprised of my own live guitar recordings, some midi controlled sounds and a couple of samples from freesound; 'woohooooohhhh' by daveincama and 'vocal joy and excitement2' by juskiddink. Give the track a listen at (along with the other contributions to the Hedonism theme) and let me know what you think!


    Oliver Squirrell-Curator and project manager of SoundShoots

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