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    An ongoing project on YouTube

    I make short cartoons revolving around Religion, Atheism, Morality and the Human Condition on YouTube. The project is called Project Dinosauce and the cartoons are inspired by things I see online, some even spawn when I'm working on a video, so I quickly jot the title down on a notepad file and develop it when I get to it.

    I've made two cartoons targeting religious fundamentalist questions such as "So Atheists, What's the point in Christmas?" and "Why Are Atheists so Angry?".

    It's set in the small fictional town of Marina in Persuno, in most new episodes I introduce more people in the community (And communities around the main one) and also introduce more county's surrounding it, and with new county's comes new personality's.

    The main protagonist is named Dean.

    So Atheists, What's the point in Christmas?:;=plcp

    Why Are Atheists so Angry?:;=plcp @DinosauceDean

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